Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update on Tolu

After two months of intense training and Calorie reduction, Tolu had his body composition checked on Monday. He has lost about 7 pounds and his body fat is down 2.3% (16.2 to 13.9%). His lean (muscle mass) decreased slightly from 171.8 to 170.5 lbs. His fat mass decreased from 33.2 to 27.5 lbs. His resting metabolic rate decreased from 2036 to 2024 Cal/day.

This is a pretty good rate of weight and fat loss. He lost a very small amount of lean mass and therefore his resting metabolic rate is only slightly down (insignificant). It is almost impossible to lose exclusively bodyfat with weight loss (though this may happen when someone initially starts serious weight training). In fact, with crash diets a significant amount of weight loss is muscle loss.

We will check back with Tolu in two months.

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