Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thanks Jen!

I have been working with Jen for almost eight weeks, and she is making great progress. I wanted to get her feedback from the training and she offered a great testimonial. Thanks again Jen...keep working hard and I am sure you will be delighted with your results in three, six, twelve months and beyond!

"In the few short weeks I have worked with Dan, I have found his approach to fitness to be unique and challenging. I have always enjoyed working out, even worked with a few trainers in the past. I have only ever done strength training by isolating muscles using free weights or machines. Dan’s philosophy is different; his training emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness by using functional strength training. Having had 5 children in 10 years, my back and ab muscles were extremely weak. In just a couple of weeks of working with Dan, the increase in strength in my core has been amazing and something I didn't think was ever possible to attain. My posture has improved greatly too. I love the circuit style workouts and look forward to building more total body strength now that my core is stronger.

Dan also offers a website and blogspot which are full of valuable information to supplement what he teaches on fitness and nutrition in his training sessions. I have never considered myself a runner, but Dan's "run of the week" has ignited a fire in me for running, not to mention provided for more efficient cardio workouts. I eagerly check the new run each Monday morning and look forward to pushing myself to improve my time and endurance throughout the week. Since working out with Dan, I can't imagine going back to old fashioned weight training or long boring cardio session ever again."

-Jen Cunningham

March, 2008

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Anonymous said...

Way to go jen! YOu look amazing!...JIll