Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Making Progress

Michele has been training with Hubbard Training Systems for four months (spanning the 'holidays,' too) and today we performed a follow-up body composition. Here are the results.

Body weigth: -5 lbs
Percent body fat: -3 %
Fat weight: -6 lbs
lean(muscle) weight: +1 lb
Resting metabolic rate: +10 Calories/day

Commonly, clients ask if their body composition is changing at a good rate. My answer is, improving body composition takes time. You may be able to lose body weight fast (10-15 pounds in a month), but at that rate most is water and you probably lost some muscle mass (and possibly bone). Remember the scale does not differentiate between the composition of your body and water can make up 40-60% of your body weight. Muscle is your friend (because it determines your resting metabolic rate)and it is hard to acquire. So, an appropriate rate of fat loss is at a pace where you can increase or maintain your muscle mass. For most this is about 3-4 lbs of fat per month, which generally translates to about a decrease in body fat about one percent per month.

In another post we will address why this isn't happening for everyone.

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way to go Michele!!!