Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trainer-Client Partnership

This morning, a client and I had a disscusion about the importance of a good trainer-client partnership. The partnership, or relationship is integral for success. It is a two-way street, with both parties needing to fully contribute.

*I provide the dedicated training environment and a specified training time for you to train. You show up on time, ready to train.

*I assess you and develop a program that i feel will be appropriate and effective. You commit to this program and give it your full effort.

*I supervise your training, watching your technique, intensity, level of fatigue, and tolerance and adaptation to the training. You give me feedback on how the exercises feel, how you feel overall with the session, and how you feel between sessions.

*I chart your training sessions, looking for trends, and need for changes or modification. You give me honest feedback on how your body feels, your level of motivation, and how you feel you are adapting, or not adapting.

*I educate you over health, fitness, performance, and nutrition. You ask questions, tell me what you want to learn, and tell me how I can improve.

This trainer-client partnership, like any relationship, takes time to build and is fluid in nature. I make it a point to work on this relationship with all my clients. Training is not a one-way street, where I simply bark orders to you. We team up and work together. A solid relationship with mutual respect, good communication, and genuine interest is key to your success, and my success.

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