Friday, June 8, 2012

Training Videos and Kettlebell Snatch Challenge Guidelines

At HTS, my training philosophy is to improve joint mobility, stability, technique, and ultimately maximal strength. Maximal strength (for almost everyone) serves as a foundation to improve everything from body composition to performance. Training to improve maximal strength is a priority. Here are a few training videos from this week. In the first, Rick gets a new personal best (with solid technique) on the bench press. In the second, Maggie uses her leg power (which is somewhat dependent on leg strength, especially for runners) during a set of box hops.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Training for the 3:00 Kettlebell Snatch Challenge

Thanks to Garrick, for putting together this awesome spreadsheet to help you figure your kb weight and number of reps to hit your goal. When the competition starts, I will pool clients into one of three pools, based on abilities/experience. I will also work with you to set your specific goals.

Although, many clients have started training for the challenge, an important thing to remember is that I am still having them work on their "punch-clock" training. That is, they are still working on the basic mobility, stability, and maximal strength. They are applying that to this challenge. You shouldn't forget about maintaining/building the basic physical qualities.

Only ten days until the challenge starts! My best 3:00 kb challenge score so far: 1416kg (24kg x 59 reps). I am shooting for 1800kg (26kg x 70 reps). Any wagers on if I can get that before July 1, 2012?

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