Friday, June 22, 2012

New Toys At HTS

The Rumble Roller is an advanced, self-myofascial release roller. It has 200 raised, firm, foam fingers to really dig into those deep trigger points. Hurts so good!

The "straps" allow you to perform suspended hip bridge/leg curls. This is a cousin of the barbell hip bridge and is highly effective in simultaneously challenging the hamstrings through hip extension AND knee flexion- a pretty unique exercise!

I just completed the slideboard. The 8 foot by 2 foot board is covered in waxed plexiglass, which creates a slick surface when wearing wool/felt. It allows you to develop lateral hip strength, power, and endurance (which most people lack). It is a similar set-up to what hockey players use during off-ice conditioning. It has other uses too, where you want to create an unstable surface.

Look forward to these devices being integrated into your future training programs!

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