Monday, May 21, 2012

Renovated Dedicated Kettlebell Lifting Area and Trigger Foods

In my quest to build the most awesome training facility in the Carmel area, I completed the first step this weekend. Kettlebell lifting can be a wonderful tool to help you reach your performance and body composition goals. However, the general public's exposure to kettlebell lifting is a joke. The four-pound kettlebells sold at Target or those used in fitness classes are only beneficial to the most deconditioned individuals....if technique is even taught.

Unfortunately, that is all women are told they can do. Not at HTS. Not only will you receive thorough training, but HTS offers one of the nicest, dedicated kettlebell lifting spaces around. This weekend I remodeled the 8' x 8' lifting platform. It now has greater sound-dampening and rebounding action (like a gymnastics floor). Additionally, HTS has over 1000 pounds of competion grade kettlebells ranging from 8-28kg. So throwing around some iron is even more fun!

Trigger Foods

Saturday, Rick and I were discussing "trigger foods." These are foods that cause you to lose control of how much you eat; usually resulting in a binge. This is a huge problem. Few people are immune. The key is to identify what foods (or beverages) "trigger" you to binge. These foods may vary among individuals, but most likely they include: processed carbohydrates, sugar with fat, and or alcohol.

The secret to manage these "trigger" foods is to not keep them around, and use geographical, and financial barriers to limit your access to them. For example, don't buy a quart of ice cream, buy a single scoop of ice cream when you are out. It will probably be around $3. That will limit you, but also when you go back home you won't have it available to you. Limiting these binges and being in control of your eating is one of the most powerful thing you can do to help you with your fat loss goals.


Rick said...

That was a good conversation. The best part is that I realized I am not alone. Everyone has a "trigger".

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