Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It is Thanksgiving eve and things are finally slowing a down a bit here.  I will be open for three hours tomorrow morning for those dedicated clients (or those who just need a break from family)!  Friday, I will be closed, but back to regular hours Saturday. 

This time of year, I just wanted to give thanks to all the clients, old and new, who have joined me at the new HTS training facility.  My clients continue to be my primary focus.  And, collectively they have helped me to grow and expand Hubbard Training Systems to where it is today.

The uniqueness of the HTS is in its programming, environment, and specialty tools.  Is is a luxury to have just the right tool to get the job done.  Recently, I have added a couple tools that I feel will be helpful for clients.  First, are long bands.  These are basically, long (36") rubber bands that are very versatile.  They can be used for many shoulder stability exercises, or added to barbells to change the feel/function of a lift. 

The lifting platform has been completed.  It provides a dedicated area for deadlifting or kettlebell lifting, but more importantly, dampens impact vibrations.  This is especially important for our neighbors below! 

Shoulder mobility and stability continue to be a deficit to most people.  In my opinion, we all need daily work in this area.  For that reason, I added another valuable tool, Indian Clubs.  These are one or two-pound clubs that can add just the right amount of resistance for a variety of shoulder warm-up, mobility, and stability exercises.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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