Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Indian Clubs for Shoulder Health

Shoulder health is the most prevalent musculoskeletal issue for my clients. Addressing lack of shoulder mobility and stability is a priority in my programming. While I utilize many stretches, mobility drills, and stabilizer exercises, I recently added indian clubs.

Indian clubs have been around for a long time. A client remarked, she saw them in a picture of the gym on the Titanic! So, what's old is new. Indian clubs are clubs that look like skinny bowling or juggling pins. They have a small mass of a couple pounds, perfect for shoulder mobility and stability.

I picked up some basic drills over the last two days. You start out basic and slow, and then build up: range of motion, speed, weight, and duration, just like any exercise. My shoulders feel great with them! I think they will be a valuable tool to help improve my clients' shoulder health.

Here I am demonstrating a few exercises (I am far from an expert, but you get the idea).

YouTube Video

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