Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Personal Mantra For Healthy Eating: How To Consistently Apply What You Know

Recently, I have proudly seen numerous clients make huge reductions in their body fat.  I think the success stems from three important factors that have to be in place.
  1. Utilization of a simple, user-friendly system like my Food Rules.
  2. Support and follow-up.
  3. Appropriate attitude or state-of-mind towards healthy eating; believing in what you are doing and self-efficacy. 
How do you change your attitude toward healthy eating?  And how do you do it consistently?

We all know what to be eating, but the catch is the regular application.  One important thing I recommend is using a personal healthy-eating mantra.  That is, a few short lines of encouragement to reset your attitude toward healthy eating.  Here is an example:

I always have a choice what to eat; the Food Rules simply provide me guidance and structure.  I am choosing least-processed foods that provide my body with the nutrients it needs and that make me feel satisfied.  I am never forbidden from enjoying any foods, and can enjoy some "unhealthy"foods every once and while.  Though, after following the Food Rules, I likely won't miss many processed foods. 

Put this paragraph on your refrigerator and when you are hungry, remind yourself that it is easy to choose lesser-processed, lesser-calorie foods. 

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