Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Victories

We have all had our self-confidence ebb and flow at various times. When it is low, we know it; and it shows in our body language and actions. But, getting your self-confidence back can be challenging.

All aspects of our lives, whether that is exercise training, school, business, or just personal relationships, thrive when we are self-confident. It is such an influencial self-quality that we should learn techniques that will improve our self-confidence if it wanes.

A technique that I use is called "little victories." When we find our self-confidence falling, most of us can't just flip a switch and turn it back on. We need to refocus our perspective. Instead of trying to overturn every single perceived problem in your life, focus on one, small, controllable battle.

For example, if you realize one morning that you have gained more body fat than you'd like, don't throw out all your food, hire a trainer, and join Weight Watchers. Instead, focus on one small battle that is currently in front of you. It may be, set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier so you have time to make a decent breakfast. It is not very hard. It doesn't take much time. It also doesn't quickly fix your issue. Though, what is does is give you one little victory. That makes the next little battle a little easier. After "winning" a series of little battles, a bigger battle appears conquerable. Gradually, your positive attitude will carry over to other areas in your life, and also influence other people in your life.

Confidence is Magic!

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