Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Training Or Circus Act?

There is nothing magical about a kettlebell, or a barbell, or a TRX suspension trainer. They are simply tools to help you get stronger or improve some aspect of your fitness . With all of these tools, to train effectively, YOU NEED TO USE THEM APPROPRIATELY! So often, basic, effective exercises are passed over to do what can only be described as a circus act. If your trainer has you perform any of these exercises, fire him or her! Not only are they ineffective, but also unsafe.

Exercise One, Dual BOSU Kettlebell Swings:

Exercise Two: Two-Hand Anywhichway Barbell Throw-Ups (poor attempt at a barbell snatch)

Exercise Three: Extremely Too Heavy Back Breakers With The Best Spotter In the World:

Exercise Four: Kettlebell Swing On TRX

Exercise Five: ???????????????

Finally, How To Use Those Exercise Balls:


Carmen Bott said...

ohhhh Dan, Why did you post your facorite exercises AGAIN! I know how much you love to do your squats on the ball with your ankle stretched to shiznit. And C'Mon, that squat turned into good morning back breaker by the WIDE-OUT was really cool.

Chuck said...

i am especially appauled at #2 where appears a coach is watching the women do wide grip slo mo lift to above head. ridiculous!

Steven Rice Fitness said...

What is sad is that the trainers who have people do these worthless and dangerous things are often considered more innovative and valuable by both clients and employers.