Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Food Rules Live, Session One

Today was my first Food Rules Live Session.  This is a bi-monthly (first and third Wednesday each month) healthy eating and fat-loss support group for clients and fans of Hubbard Training Systems.  We meet locally at Panera Cafe in Westfield, Indiana at 1:00-1:30pm.  I will also share what we discussed on Facebook and this blog.  Today's meeting we discussed what my food rules are and how to apply them to help guide you to choose quality nutrition while limiting quantity and still maintaining a healthy relationship with food (more on that important topic later). 

First of all, here are my five Food Rules to help guide you when deciding what to eat. 
  1. Remove sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened beverages.
  2. Consume a serving (one for females or two for males) of protein (animal or plant source) each time you eat.
  3. Don't fear fat.  Eat some naturally-occurring (unsaturated and saturated, not engineered trans-fats and processed vegetable oils) each time you eat.
  4. Consume at least one serving of vegetables, fruit, or berries each time you eat.
  5. Limit grain consumption to infrequently, choose the least processed version. 
The Food Rules leave some room for interpretation, as everyone is slightly different in their specific needs.  I reminded everyone today that the goal is to apply the food rules nine out of ten times that you eat.  No one is perfect, nor should you force yourself into that level of compulsion.  This helps you to maintain a healthy relationship with food.  Food is unique in the sense that we can't just avoid it like cigarettes or alcohol.  We need to eat multiple times everyday.  We need the hundreds of nutrients and energy that food provides on a regular basis.  Though, without a way to help steer us in the right direction, we can easily find ourselves uncontrollably inhaling an entire bag of potato chips or pint of ice cream.  

The Food Rules are a unique guide because:
  1. They are supported by current nutrition research and have been applied successfully by many of my clients.
  2. Are a practical and flexible way of choosing the best possible option (we don't always have access or time for the best options).
  3. When applied correctly, help curb sugar-cravings and empty (and total) calorie intake.
  4. Encourage a postive attitude toward food and encourage you to view eating as an opportunity to give your body the nutrients it needs (maintain a healthy relationship with food).
  5. They can be used forever as they are not a restrictive diet.
How to apply the Food Rules. Whenever you feel hungry, choose (ideally whole) foods that can satisfy all five (or as many as possible) Food Rules.  Eat slowly and avoid distractions (driving, television, cell phones, etc.).  Pay attention to how you feel.  You most likely will feel full sooner than you anticipated.  You also will be less likely to be hungry very sooon (in less than 4-6 hours) or crave sweets.  How many meals you end up eating will vary, but for most people is usually 3-4 times per day.

While many clients have enjoyed success with my Food Rules, on-going support is very important for long-term success.  Food Rules Live provides bi-monthly support for all of you.  And don't forget the regular strength training for optimal results!

Hope to see you at the next meeting or hearing from you in the comments.

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