Monday, September 27, 2010

The Training Environment

When you walk into a large commerical gym you are usually overwhelmed by its sheer size, massive amounts of fitness equipment, and more flat screen televisions than a Best Buy.  This vast, luxurious gym environment usually makes the membership sales very easy to close.  But, do all of these fitness options really improve your training experience and results? 

Not really.  Large, commerical gyms are not designed to be optimal training environments.  They are meant to attract lots of members.  Are large screen televisions really going to help you work hard and stay motivated?  Are you going to stay focused with all those people walking around?  Probably not.

For those of us who are seriously interested in training and achieving results, a focused, supportive environment is key.  Instead of being distracted by so many options and much commotion, most of my clients want a knowledgeable trainer/coach.  Someone who not only understands the in and outs of physiology and biomechanics, but also can relate to them, motivate them and give them the right amount of structure and discipline to be successful.  Also, a trainee is looking to trust in someone to lead them. 

An optimal training environment would include a small, close network of supportive cohorts who all have similar goals.  Not a random group of strangers or a large fitness class, but a friendly, supportive, dedicated group.  And that is the key.  The consistent support is a characteristic that transcends all areas of life.  Have it and the odds are with you.  Without it, odds are against you. 

In the United States, the number of people who train regularly and consistently is probably close to only 10%.  If you are part of that 10%, or want to be part of that 10%, finding and having a good training environment is crucial.  Without it, you are on a very difficult journey.  As I grow Hubbard Training Systems, my focus is on developing a supportive environment for my clients physically and psychologically.  I know my training programs are very effective, but the support for them has to be, too.  Without the supportive environment, the likelihood of your success diminishes significantly.  But, with the consistent support of a good training environment you can achieve things you never imagined!

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