Friday, September 3, 2010

Infusing Some Fun Into Your Training

I can be a little anal and compulsive about proper exercise training.  I am a big advocate of properly assessing a client, spending time to teach proper technique, critically evaluating a client's progress, appropriately progressing exercises, cycling rest, etc. Doing all of this has ensured that clients get the best possible training, and they know it.  They appreciate it.  But, I do know that as much as I love the science and the application of all this, it still needs to be fun.  Fun and laughing should be a big part of everyone's life.  We have enough to worry about.  We need the physical and mental relief from the everyday stressors.  Exercise training can be a great way of doing it.

Recently, I was able to change up my Thursday evening group training in the park by adding a fun little toy.  I the past we have done (and still do) kettlebell throwing, frisbee interval games, sledgehammer training, tire pulling, and others.  They are fun (well, different).  Add the HTS Slosh Pipe (see picture below).  This is a five foot long, four inch diameter PVC pipe filled 2/3 full with water.  It only weighs like 25 pounds, but when held horizontal, the water is constantly sloshing back and forth, making basic exercises extremely challenging.  Every muscle needs to work harder to stabilize you as the momentum of the water shakes you from side to side.  Like a giant shake weight!  Only much more effective. 

Simply walking with the slosh pipe with a Zercher carry is hard.

Pressing is also very hard.

Walking Lunges are extremely taxing.  A few clients couldn't even complete 25' of walking lunges with the Slosh Pipe.

Don't be afraid to infuse some fun into your training (Can't you see how much fun these clients are having)!

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Liz said...

Sounds like an excellent new challenge, and fun. May have to give it a try next Thurs.