Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Testimony of Effort, Consistency, and Sound Training

There are many fitness milestones that people strive to reach.  Run a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, perform a body weight pull-up, squat x-pounds, etc.  But, Leslie, a trainer and friend from St. Paul, Minnesota has run several marathons.  Instead, her goal was (especially for an endurance athlete) very ambitious: The Secret Service Snatch Test.  If you are not familiar with this "test", it is very grueling, and requires a combination of technique, strength, power, endurance and determination.  Essentially, you need to complete 200 kettlebell snatches in 10:00.  For any of you who have performed kettlebell snatches, you know how hard even 20 reps can be.  Most of my females use an 8 or 12 kg kettlebell to perform multiple sets of kettlebell snatches.  Not Leslie, she used a 16kg (35 pounds) kettlebell. 

I know Leslie works extremely hard and is consistent.  She is passionate about what she does- I am sure her clients would agree.  If I was a runner, looking to reach a new goal, I surely would want her coaching me!  Still she had not reached her goal of 200 snatches in 10:00 after many months of training.  Luckily, she just needed a little adjustment of her training plan.  I gave her some suggestions, essentially cutting back on her running volume (which was probably tough for her given it is part of her job), and cycle in some maximal strength-building workouts (every third snatch workout). 

About six weeks later,  Leslie posted this message the HTS facebook page:

'I would like to thank Dan Hubbard of Hubbard Training Systems for all the great advice, coaching, and support through my goal of completing the Secret Service Snatch Test!!... A goal that I almost gave up on several months ago, not knowing how to progress to get there. Thank you Dan for all your smart progression strategies and confidence you had in them. They worked!!! Thanks so much."

She (and her husband) reached her goal of 200 kettlebell snatches in 10:00 with the 16kg kettlebell!  What a great accomplishment and inspiration for other females who strength train and lift kettlebells.  Great Job, Leslie.  Next goal, the Secret Service Snatch Test with the 20kg???

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