Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Body Re-Building

So often you hear people say "I can't do that, my knees... or lower back won't let me do that." Old injuries have mounted up and they become a barrier to improving your body. You want to work out, but the pain limits you to just walking. I come across many people who are in this situation. Some just use it as an excuse not to work out and improve. Others, like my client Sharon, battle back and do overcome these set-backs.

Sharon has had her share of unfortunate injuries in he last several years, including: an ACL repair, meniscectomy, car accident, and last summer a lumbar spine discectomy. She resumed her training with me about six weeks after her back surgery. She still has another herniated lumbar disk, but has worked her butt off over the last nine months. She has made steady progress and today, I realized that she actually can squat, pain-free, better than just about everyone else at the gym.

Additionally, she now has the hip mobility and torso stability to perform windmills well.

Sharon's story is pretty cool and it has taught me so much about the spine and hips. Fortunately, she has the fortitude to work hard. Six months ago she qualified for disability. I am sure most people would have chosen that path. I am glad Sharon didn't.


Janet Ziems said...

Go Sharon!!!

Jo said...

I've watched Sharon come back - and it is so encouraging. Awesome work Sharon - I know it wasn't and isn't ever easy. Glad you have chosen Dan to give you guidance. Keep it up!

Liz said...

Sharon - Awesome job. Keep it up. Been wonderful training with you over the years. I am so glad that you are working through the problems and getting stronger each day:)