Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At the Triathlon Sunday

Sunday was the Carmel Swim Club Sprint Triathlon. Two of my clients, Liz and Maggie, competed in it. They both did a great job! I must say, they had better running mechanics than the majority of competitors.

A few other observations:

•One person was wearing some Vibram Five Fingers. He was easy to pick out because of his neutral/forefoot strike versus most other's heel strike.

•Bike riding (or just sitting on your butt) really minimizes posterior hip (glutes and hamstring) activity, and also tightens up the quads and hip flexors. This results in some awkward running mechanics.

(Maybe she should have done a little lunging and single-leg bounds prior to her run?)

(This is better hip mechanics)

•Apparently drivers over the age 70 either don't notice or care about orange cones or flashing blue lights! Three cars, driven by 70+ year olds, ignored the cones and lights and simply drove through the middle of the coarse while I was watching! Luckily, they didn't hit anyone.

1 comment:

Liz said...

Yeah Maggie. What a great day for the race.
I saw the Vibram shoes, looked like he was really comfortable running as he flew by me. Maybe I should try it... Of course then I would have to love to run....
I am glad those drivers didn't hurt anyone - yikes.