Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Building The Efficient Animal"

Strength, health, leanness, and performance are not mutually exclusive aspect of fitness, but characteristics of optimal human physiology. We naively try to enhance one aspect of our health, performance, or appearance while neglecting others. In our impatient desire to see quick results we disrespect the innate potential our bodies possess.

As much as we have advanced intellectually and socially, physiologically, we are still animals. Even if somewhat domesticated, we are animals that need to provide our bodies with the appropriate stimuli, nutrition, and rest to maintain optimal physiological function. We need to continually pursue physical activities, or immerse ourselves in a physical culture that allow us to express a genetic phenotype that is by nature healthy, lean, and efficient.

The pursuit of optimal physiology can be challenging in our modern world. We live in a hyper-stimulating and toxic environment that has ignited an epidemic of "Affluent Diseases." Though, with a clear understanding of our basic animal physiological needs and consciously redirecting our priorities, in spite of our modern environmental constraints, we can once again become an "Efficient Animal."

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