Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beware of the Slippery Slope!

Recently, my regular Group Training clients have been very consistent and have made great progress. As a trainer, it is rewarding to see your hard work and your clients' hard work pay off. They are aware of how important regular training is and are quick to get back to a session if they miss a few days.

On the otherhand, I run into a few clients that have a different mindset. These individuals find any reason not to exercise. Small schedule conflicts become major obstacles in their minds. They have an all-or-none philosophy about training. And they can talk themselves (and try to talk me) out of training. Interestingly, these clients are usually not what you consider a 'type-A' personality. They need the accountability, structure, and motivation the most. But, their mindset , behaviors, and choices sabatage any chance of making consistent gains.

I warn these people (which you may be one) that they are on a 'slippery slope'. One missed session and they (or you) aren't seen or heard from for a week or more. Unfortunately, these people are constantly starting over. They always feel that in the future they will have more time or their schedule will improve. Though, in reality it doesn't. The same decisions and cirumstances happening now will be happening in the future. Thus, resulting in the same results.

So, if you find yourself on a 'slippery slope', realize that you need to move now. In a week or a month you will probably be sliding further down the slope. A session once a week on a consistent basis is certainly worth the effort. The physiological effects of a single session per week will be significant. More importantly, you will be developing the foundation for long-term behavior changes.

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