Sunday, November 22, 2009

2009 HTS Holiday Barbell Challege

Ok, so this week is Thanksgiving, so holiday season is upon us. Of course this time of year is infamous for gorging. We have all heard of the numbers; Americans gain 4,8, or 12 pounds during the next six weeks. Workouts take a back seat to, well everything else. Stress levels sky rocket, comfort foods coddle us through this time of year. Because we know that January will arrive and we will then get in shape. Just like every year, right?

What if this year you arrived on January first not 10 pounds heavier, but four pounds lighter than you are today? Yes, it is possible.

Well, this year it will be easier at Hubbard Training Systems. Introducing the 2009 HTS Holiday Barbell Challenge! High-Intensity, full-body strength training is one of the most efficient means of torching body fat and build a strong, lean, healthy body. And, what better way to get motivated during this time of year than with a contest with an objective goal and prizes! The challenge starts November 25th and goes to New Year's Day. Here is how it works. Complete 125 repetitions with eight different barbell exercises (for a total of 1000 reps. I will set your resistance) over the next five weeks and you qualify to go in a drawing for a long sleeve HTS shirt and $50 credit to trainings in January.

The exercises include:
Bench Press
Back Squats
Clean & Press
BB Turkish Get Up
BB Curls
BB Roll Outs

Sign-ups start Monday, November 23rd, the barbells start flying Wednesday Nobember 25th. Who's in?


Liz said...

I guess I need to sign up for a training session:) Not sure I can do all with shoulder, but worth trying. I need motivation. The challenge is on.

Janet Ziems said...

I'm in! Sounds like group training tomorrow will be a BLAST!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome challenge. Hope everyone has fun. Can't wait to get back in the game! Jen