Monday, November 9, 2009

Free Will, Too Much of a Good Thing.

We, as Americans, enjoy many freedoms that many other people in the world don't have. We are free to pursue our dreams and choose many aspects of our life, such as: where to live, what kind of work to do, how to raise our kids, etc. This freedom is great.

Over the last fifty years technology has made our lives tremendously more efficient. We can hop in the SUV, listen to our favorite music on satelite radio, call friends on our cell phone, watch DVDs all while on our way to the mall. Such luxury and freedom. We earned it and choose to have it in our lives. Freedom is great.... to a point.

Now I am not going to lecture you on how you should live your life. It is your life and you can exercise free will. However, with this being an exercise training blog, I am going to share my observations and opinions with you (yes, I still choose not to elliptical, but that is my choice and I have my reasons).

Free will is like food, an adequate amount is important, but too much causes problems. We have all the same opportunities in the world to be as active as our grandparents or even be in better shape (with the current training and nutrition knowledge we now have), but we are not. We are not because we choose not to be. We have opted for the easier path, human nature I guess. When given the choice to work hard or efficient, we choose efficient. When given the choice to buy, prepare, and eat whole, unprocessed foods, we opt out. Instead, we choose processed, artificial, mostly-prepared foods (the center isles of the grocery store). These conveniences have far-reaching, negative ramifications. The same is true for exercise trainings.

Most people know the extensive benefits of proper exercise training and feel great afterwards (see previous post). But, so few people do so regularly. There are many perceived psychological barriers to regular exercise (another whole blog posting itself). It all boils down to free will or too much free will. You could walk after dinner, you could go to the gym before work, you could add a few more pounds to the bar, or you could follow your training program that your trainer developed for you. Or, you could do none. You have the right to choose. And that is the problem. Take away that free will, that choice and you will get in great shape. Get rid of the option not to train regularly and guess what- you will train regularly! The proof is everywhere. A prisoner would love to have the freedoms we enjoy. But, I would say, on average, they are in better shape than the non-incarcerated American.
Now, I am not going to tell you to get incarcerated to get in better shape, but I think you get my point. Don't give yourself the option to choose the easy path. Schedule your workout time and stick to it. Reschedule other things around these times. Even if you don't feel great, still workout. You don't have to push as hard but just keep the consistency. The older we get, consistency becomes more important.

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