Thursday, October 29, 2009

What You Should Be Doing Everyday

Move...through a full range of motion. You should be doing mobility exercises (movements with light to moderate weight that enhance joint flexibility and stability). These exercises, which can be exactly like the strength training exercises or a variation, work best when done frequently (once or twice a day). Not only will it help keep the joints loose, but will help reinforce proper movement patterns.

Typically, the upper (Thoracic) spine, hips, ankles, and shoulders can be tight. Addressing these areas with a variety of mobility exercises will help your running or lifting technique and reduce your risk of injury (by allowing you to get in proper position and help avoid compensory strain).
So, take 10-15:00 everyday (or twice a day) to work on your mobility. If you do this regularly, you will see a significant improvement in all movement; you will have more range of motion and will be more 'efficient' with your movements. However, you can lose joint mobility fairly quickly if you ignore it. That is why you should move through a full range of motion everyday.

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