Monday, July 20, 2009

Change Your Inside If You Want To Change Your Outside

I see too many people, on a daily basis, go about changing their bodies the wrong way. They may even have good intentions, are motivated, and are consistent, but they still fail to change their bodies. To see why, you need to look inside your body- at the internal environment.

Your body is under tight control of everything from salt balance to hemoglobin production, to body fat levels. Hormones are the messenger that communicate change in the body. Testosterone, Growth hormone, Insulin, Cortisol, and Epinephrine are some of the hormones that respond to your exercise training. To keep it simple, you want to elevate the muscle-building hormones (Testosterone, Growth Hormone, etc.) and lower the the fat-storing hormones (Insulin, Cortisol) to see a significant improvement in your body. I think this point is pretty well supported by the fact that so many athletes will use anabolic steroids and/or Growth Hormones. However, you can naturally change your hormone levels with proper training, recovery, and nutrition.

*Pictured at right: Yelena Isinbayeva, the reigning Olympic champion, the reigning World Champion, two-time IAAF Female Athlete of the Year, and world record-holder in the women's pole vault.

In the next posts, I will discuss how exercise training, done correctly, can have an advantageous effect on your body composition and performance.

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