Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Project 17, Week 7: Light at the End of the Tunnel (I think)

Guest blogger and HTS client, Julie, continues her pursuit of 17% body fat.

Dan measured me yesterday to the tune of 125.5lbs and 17.8% body fat. Woo-hoo! Having broken the barrier into the 17s is a great feeling! I’ve lost 10.5lbs and 3.8% since I started this in February.

This week has been pretty low-key. I haven’t recorded my foods, but I have been disciplined. Yes, I’ve had the occasional cheat, but nothing that I don’t compensate for or feel okay about. I’ve got many key foods that maintain the integrity of my diet, and I rely on them to keep me moving in the right direction.

A few things I’ve done differently seem to have had a positive result. I have increased my water intake, and I think that’s helped. I don’t know if it’s an imagined benefit, but I am sure Dan will enlighten me. I drink (as in guzzle) one bottle, right when I wake up in the morning. I leave it on my nightstand so I can’t ignore it in the morning. I don’t enjoy drinking water, so I just consider it an efficient way to get one bottle out of the way.

If I get too hungry, I am at risk for overeating or bad decision-making. So, I have also made a point to put 2 snacks into my purse every day. One of them is almonds. Every time I buy almonds, I immediately measure ¼ cup servings into individual baggies. That makes them really easy for me to grab, and harder for me to make excuses. Each serving is 160 calories. I have also found these Slim-Fast bars that are 190 calories and 15 grams of protein. They’re a little high in carbs and cost more than they should, but they are worth it for me. This little snack-in-the-purse trick has saved me from a lot of back-pedaling, and has helped keep me on track.

The gym has been the same as always, in that I get it all in without much trouble. Walking, or any low-intensity cardio, is my problem. I have totally blown it off, so I need to get re-focused on that. Dan caught me during my metabolic conditioning today, and commented that it was time to up the challenge. He’s right, so I’ll be meeting with him soon to get a new routine.

Next week is spring break, and so Week 8 will be my next post. I didn’t realize that until I sat down to write this. I must admit, it makes me a little nervous to go two weeks without getting measured or the accountability of this blog. Spring break will be a challenge. Dan just posted his beach workout, which I intend to use. (Note the word “intend”---that’s why I’m nervous). Diet will be a bit dicey too, although nothing like when I was in Houston. I don’t plan on being rigid, but I do plan on being responsible. Blowing it now would be awful. I am so close!


Anonymous said...

You go, girl! You are so close to your goal! You are an inspiration to me. Thanks for the tip on the snacks too. I often come in from work ravenous.... I'm going to try your snack trick right away.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on Spring Break. I am sure the car ride down will be hard as you try to deal with the length and being in a car with the kids and Falcon. I would eat too.
Hopefully the beach will be in inspiration along with the $130 you just spent on a bathing suit

Anonymous said...

Julie-you have been an inspiration to all of us! Your hard work has paid off and you must be very proud of yourself. Congrats! Enjoy your vacation. Jen

Jo said...

Hi Julie. We've not met but I am sure seen each other at the gym. I am encouraged by your progress, especially since you aren't in your 20's or even early 30's. It really is true that changes seem to take a little longer the older we get. I am a couple months from 46(!), and I fell off the fitness/diet wagon after a trip to Colorado (all carbs all the time it seemed) and then a ski injury to my knee. I am looking forward to your next blog and wish you the best. Jo