Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Project 17, Week 5: Back on Track

<Guest Blogger and HTS client, Julie, continues her pursuit of 17% body fat>

I am delighted to say that I am down to 128lbs and 18.3% body fat. When compared with my hedonistic week in Houston, that’s down from 132lbs and 19.7% for a loss of 4 pounds and 1.4% body fat since Week 4. Five weeks ago, I started at 136lbs and 21.6%.

My ego needed this week’s gains (or losses, I should say). I needed a little kick to get rolling in the right direction for the final five weeks, the second half of my gauntlet. I only wish I could prattle on, telling you that I nailed the 30/30/40 diet plan, consumed just the right amount of protein, and that I strength-trained until the fat literally melted off my body.

The truth: I had strep throat for about half the week. I didn’t even take in my allotted 1300 calories on many of the days because my appetite just wasn’t there. I only made it to the gym for strength training and conditioning for two days of my three days. I walked once instead of twice.

My truth: I’ll take it however I can get it. True, I didn’t work for this week’s results like the numbers may indicate. I knew my weight was down, but I was concerned that my body fat wouldn’t have shown any progress. I pushed it to get to the gym those two times, and forced the one walk I actually took. I wouldn’t have done either if I wasn’t committed to my “Project 17”.

The key moving into this week is to capitalize on what I was given in Week 5. See the silver lining in a case of strep throat, if you will. In past situations like this one, my tendency is to make up for lost time by nibbling. Eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies were just delivered to my door---a perfect justification to make up for last week’s lost calories. As long as I can get past the temptation of old habits, I am starting my second half strong.

Before signing off, I’d like to take a moment and discuss Dan and his calipers. One word: OUCH! And I say this not to scare you from having Dan measure your body composition----quite the opposite. I have had my body fat measured a number of times, by a number of people. No one, except Dan of course, is sure to get every millimeter of fat pinched with great precision. No one else measured each point at least three times. So the ouch factor is actually a good thing because I know Dan is careful and as accurate as possible in all of his measurements.


Anonymous said...

You are doing GREAT! In spite of your strep,you pushed yourself. You are getting very close to your goal. By the end, I am sure you will have met your goal, and will be able to maintain you new weight/body fat easily. YOU RULE!

Anonymous said...

Go, Girl, go! You CAN do it.

Liz said...

fantastic that you are back on track. Glad you are feeling better. Keep up the great work. Liz.