Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fat Loss Formula Continued

The other side of the fat loss equation is the energy you expend. This consists of all the Calories your body burns with activity and rest in the course of a day. There are four parts to your daily energy expenditure:
  1. Resting metabolic rate
  2. Digestion-related thermogenesis
  3. Exercise
  4. Non-exercise physical activity (NEPA)
You should focus on maximizing energy expenditure in each of the four parts to enhance fat loss.

Maximize your resting metabolism by building muscle with full-body strength training. You can increase your resting metabolic rate by 20-40 Cal/day per pound of muscle mass you add to your body. Also, high-intensity exercise (sprinting, kettlebell lifting, Olympic Weightlifting, etc.) will transiently raise your metabolism (up to 48 hours) independent of any change in muscle mass.

You can increase your energy expenditure related to food digestion by eating small meals regularly (4-6 times/day). Each time you eat you cause smooth muscle contraction of the digestive tract, release of enzymes, and active transport of nutrients into the circulation....all require energy beyond your resting metabolic rate.

Over the years, NEPA of the entire population has diminished mostly because it isn't required. Reverse this trend and you could burn as much or more Calories with NEPA as you expend with your planned exercise.

Now that you know all of the variables of the fat loss formula, you can manipulate them to make your fat loss easier and permanent.

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