Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Christmas Cookie Incinerator

Here is a new conditioning workout to get you through the holidays.

Perform 10 rounds of these exercises, decreasing reps with each round, as fast as possible while keeping good technique:

  1. Farmer's Walk- 26/35 lb kettlebells x 100' (decrease distance by 10' each round)
  2. Lateral Hops- (~36" wide) x 30 reps (take away 3 reps per round)
  3. Medball Squat Thuster (squat and push press the med ball hard enough so it leaves your hands by 6", catch and repeat)- 11lb med ball x 30 (decrease by 3 reps per round)
  4. Bear Crawl- put a five pound plate on your back...don't let it fall off as you crawl- 30' (decrease distance by 3' with each round)
Good Luck! Post your times.


Anonymous said...

Slar says - Tried to do this tonight. Did the first 5 rounds then ran out of time....what a killer...took me 43:47 for the first 5. But, as it turns out...I was making the bear crawl portion much harder on myself....was doing 100' and decreasing by 10' each round...OUCH!!! Will try again, following directions....

Anonymous said...

Slar says - Followed directions this time and completed all rounds.....took 49:09. Any other brave souls going to post??? Can you beat me??? (I'm sure that you can.... : ) )