Friday, November 14, 2008

Observations and Highlights of the Week

This week has been very successful for a lot of my clients. Here are some of the topics that I discussed with clients:
  • There are different types or ways to deadlift. Some examples include: conventional stance (legs inside hands), sumo (legs outside of hands), and snatch-grip (hands ~twice shoulder width on the bar). Each style has its advantages and disadvantages or a better way is to say they slightly change the relative contribution of muslce groups. I may recommend one or another for you based on certain factors. They all are a variation of a full body pull and require you to kee a straight back, your heels down, bar close to your body, and significant involvement of your hips.
  • Sharon, who has been training with me for a couple years, commented that she feels stronger in her back than in her front (or with push-ups or pressing). This 'imbalance' is somewhat intentional on my part and as a result of my training. Sharon actually is pretty strong with her pressing, but relative to her pulling (or back) strength, she is slightly weaker. The reason is that the 'pulling' muscles are her 'anti-gravity' muscles and that having a greater relative strength with these muscles helps combat the effects of gravity and our sitting posture. So this imbalance is somewhat 'corrective' in nature.
  • Your ability to move and stabilize your scapula (shoulder blades) is critical for push-ups and many other exercises. If you lack good scapular mobility and stability, look for compensations (or pain) in other places (like your lower back or shoulder joint).
  • Holding a heavy weight above your head is an unrecognized, but highly effective abdominal strengthening/torso stability exercise . I know when I perform heavy barbell jerks, the next day my abs are slightly sore.
  • Hubbard Training Systems needs more equipment (bars and bumper plates) for clients. Actually, we need our own facility, but that is down the road. I am working on adding more bars and bumper plates. If you would like to donate, I am going to start and equipment fund. Here are examples of what I would like to add.
  • Become a blog follower! Look over to the side to see the blog followers. You can make a profile and add your profile to the list so others know who you are.
Here are some personal records (PR) set this week by clients:
  • Jon- deadlift 145x3
  • Michele- clean & jerk- 65x1
  • Linda G-deadlift- 85x3
  • Sharon-push-up- 9"x 1
  • Christy- push-up 24"x4, deadlift-61x3
  • Al-Single-arm push-up-30"x1 on right and left
  • Julie M-pull-up- bodyweight + 10lbs x 1
  • Stephanie-deadlift-100x6
  • Claudia- deadlift-65x6
(note: I only accept PR's that have good technique, so if you lift it with bad technique, it doesn't count)

Have a great weekend!

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