Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Training Goals

Congratulation Jen! Today, Jen achieved her goal, I had set for her in the summer, of a 65 lb barbell snatch (1/2 body weight). The 1/2 body weight snatch is a new HTS record for females. Great Job!

Training goals are great motivators. We may not achieve all of our goals quickly, but the hard work to get there makes it all worthwhile. Without training goals, you are simply 'working out.' While that may be ok for some, if you really want to see results in your body and its strength and performance, you need an appropriate training plan with goals.

I like to use an analogy where training is like taking a class in school. When you take a class, you know what your goal is (make an 'A' and learn all of the necessary content of that class), you have a structured program to help you get to that goal, and everything you do (attend lectures, read textbooks, go to the lab, do homework, do research, write papers, etc.) is geared toward helping you achieve your goal.

When we simply 'workout'( yes, it is better than nothing) the results are far less impressive. Back to the school analogy, I equate 'working out' to picking up your text book sporadically and opening it up to a random page and reading some pages. You will learn some information, but I can assure you, your results in the end will be less than stellar.


Julie said...

Way to go, Jen! Very cool.

Liz said...

Very impressive Jen. Congratulations in reaching your goal:)