Saturday, November 1, 2008

And the Winner is........

John (Slar) was the overall winner of the 2008 Hubbard Training System's Pumpkin-Bell Challenge. John lifted the Pumpkin-bell 1800 times in October. John not only beat his competition by 700 reps, but doubled the minimum reps to reach the gold level (900).

Great job John.

First place for the females and second overall was........

Sharon! In spite of her lower back aching, she still managed 1100 reps with the Pumpkin-Bell.
Great job!

Here are the other Gold Level (900 reps) Pumpkin-Bell Lifters:
Clay- 1035
Jen- 950
Liz- 950

We had two Bronze Level (300 reps) Pumpkin-Bell Lifters:
Lynne- 301
Claudia- 300

I want to point out that Claudia couldn't lift the 25lb Pumpkin-Bell prior to October. So, 300 reps is very impressive.

Now, for November we will focus on the Push-Up Challenge. Most of you have been assessed for your maximal push-up strength and I will post those results this week. I look forward to everyone improving. I will be competing, too.


Liz said...

Great Job everyone:) It was fun reading all the comments throughout the month. Good luck with Novembers challenge.... Liz.

Slar said...

This was a fun challenge...and I liked the month long focus. I, too, enjoyed seeing what everyone was up to....