Thursday, October 30, 2008

November Push-Up Challenge

The challenge this month is to improve your push-up strength. I will assess you the first week of November for your push-up one repetition max. Over the course of the month everyone's goal is to improve their push-up one-repetition max by two levels, including me. You will be reassessed in mid-November and in the first week of December.

Here are the levels:
1. 2-hand, hands elevated 30"
2. 2-hand, hands elevated 24"
3. 2-hand, hands elevated 18"
4. 2-hand, hands elevated 12"
5. 2-hand, hands elevated 6"
6. 2-hand, hands on floor
7. 1-hand, hand elevated 30"
8. 1-hand, hand elevated 24"
9. 1-hand, hand elevated 18"
10. 1-hand, hand elevated 12"
11. 1-hand, hand elevated 6"
12. 1-hand, hand on floor

Once everyone is assessed, I will post everyone's starting level. After each of the two reassessments, I will post your (and mine) new results. Everyone should be challenged fairly, because your goal is based on your initial strength level.

Winner gets $1,000,000 or a t-shirt (decision will be made in December based on the HTS budget).

1 comment:

Slar said...

Sounds like fun. Looking forward to it. My push-ups are awful right now. These challenges are really going to improve my upper body strength.