Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Do You Measure Up?

I found the most recent RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge certification) standards to pass the kettlebell snatch test. This is fairly rigorous weekend certification. Each and every person who attends the certification has to not only pass the knowledge part, but also the physical test (kettlebell snatch test; minimum number of reps in 5:00). They say, of prospective instructors, only 70-75% pass the test. How would you do?

-The free hand can be on the hip or the waist...NOT the thigh.
-5 min to complete the test.
-As many hand switches as you wish.
-The sum of both arms is scored.
-You may set the bell down and rest.
-You may make multiple back swings.
-Chalk is allowed. NO belts, gloves, wrist wraps or other supportive equipment.
-You may DROP the bell twice. The snatch will not be counted.
-Third DROP your disqualified.

Weight class (kg/lbs) = Snatches (total L+R)
90+/198+= 100
0-49 years of age uses 24 kg kettlebell
50+ years of age uses 20 kg kettlebell

Weight class(kg/lbs)=Snatches (total L+R)/Bell size
50/110=80/12 kg
60/132=60/16 kg
75/165=80/16 kg
75+/165+=100/16 kg

60/132=60/12 kg
75/165=80/12 kg
75+/165+=100/12 kg

Here is a video from one of the certifications:

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