Saturday, October 25, 2008

High-Intensity Training is the Most Effective Way To Burn Abdominal Fat

As a client of Hubbard Training Systems, many of you have been exposed to high-intensity training. It is challenging, but I have been telling you it has a greater effect on your metabolism, especially after the training session. I do recommend low-intensity exercise as a way to facilitate recovery. Depending on the client, it may only be once every two weeks up to three times per week. As a client gets more fit, generally they can handle more high-intensity sessions per week (up to four, but no more). The high-intensity training is generally strength-training based- kettlebell, body-weight, sprinting, etc. The key is to use as much muscle mass and muscle fibers as possible in each session (a full-body session, with emphasis on larger muscle groups).

A recent study in Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise had a nice study showing how effective this type of training is. In the study, they had two groups that exercised, one at low-intensity and one with two, high-intensity sessions per week. Both groups burned 400 Calories per session, but only the high-intensity group showed a significant decrease in total abdominal, and subcutaneous abdominal fat (the ugly stuff).

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