Friday, October 24, 2008

Becoming a Better Runner by Getting Stronger

I recently started working with Janet, an avid runner who was suffering from patella-femoral syndrome (runner's knee). This is a condition in which pain is felt under the kneecap with most movements (running, squatting, and going down stairs to name a few). After consulting her physician, she started working with me. Now, I don't treat injuries, such as a physical therapist would, but patella-femoral is just a generic term for knee pain without any knee injury. Usually, it is the result of the knee cap being pulled in-ward or out-ward (misalignment due to some weak muscles and some tight muscles). After four weeks of training, Janet is pain-free with most movements and has started some short interval running. Soon, she will not only be pain-free with running, but will be a faster and more efficient runner with her new strength.

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