Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up

Besides the Labor Day holiday earlier this week, it has been a very busy week. I wanted to comment on several random topics here.

  • Congratulations to Sheri for reaching 100 (15lb) kb snatches in 5:00 (her new personal best), which she reached on Friday.

  • Congratulations to Michelle for her new personal best in the barbell clean and jerk, 56 pounds, which she also got on Friday.

  • I have mentioned it many times, but the hips are the base of movement for the body. If you have weakness or dysfunction, you are likely to have problems with your lower back, knees, and feet. I have assessed many people and found they have week glutes or are not used to really using them when they move or lift. Luckily, I have seen dramatic improvements with people when I was able to reteach them how to "hinge through their hips," while maintaining a "neutral spine position."

  • One of my newer clients, Christy, makes her blog debut in the video below. She has started to devop a pretty good kettlebell swing after a few weeks of training. Soon enough, she will get to enjoy fun challenges, like the kettlebell 5:00 snatch test.

  • Self Myofascial Release is the term for a collection of techniques, such as foam rolling and tennis ball rolling, to help relieve muscle tension and aid in recovery from exercise. It can save you from having to see a massage therapist. My friend, Mike Robertson has put together a very nice manual on Self Myofascial Release and has been generous enough to share with everyone. You can click here to down load the pdf file. Great stuff!

  • Here is an interesting posting on how to "De-Sissify Your Child (and Maybe Yourself in The Process)." I agree with most, especially with kids 3-10 years old, but usure about tossing infants around!

  • Don't forget the Group Exercise Training Session tomorrow at Cary Grove Park (8-9:00am). The weather should be a little cooler, but very nice. See you all there!

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