Monday, September 15, 2008

Barbell Snatch is Fun

A client and I were talking this morning about why people still don't exercise even after wellness programs are initiated (at schools, work, or in the community). I concluded that all of the awareness or health assessments are not going to get people to get over the hurdle and actually do it. People know the benefits of regular exercise, in fact they are inundated with them, but the idea of exercise still congers up thoughts of boring, tiring, agonizing chores. They don't see a high enough reward/effort ratio. My response is, enjoy the process and the results will come. Exercise training should be enjoyable (ok, some effort is involved) and rewarding/fulfilling (not a chore). The health, body composition, and performance improvements you receive will come along as a by-product of the regular training. Hate running? Don't run! Hate the idea of going to a crowded gym? Don't go! Do something you like; do it somewhere you feel comfortable. I don't do most of the exercises you commonly see people doing in the gym (I can't remember the last time I got on an elliptical trainer, Bosu ball, or sit-up bench). I am still in better shape than most people. I enjoy my exercise training and will derive the benefits from it for a long, long time because I plan on doing it forever.

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