Sunday, July 27, 2008

Training Philosophy

"Whoa, does that work your core?"
"What muscle are you working with that exercise?"
"You do a lot of different exercises."
"What is a kettlebell?"

I get these and numerous other questions about my training 'style' or philosophy every week. So, I decided to try to explain it and how it is much more effective, time-efficient,and safer than what most other people are doing in the gym. People think of exercise in terms of cardiovascular exercise and weight training (also, they may think of abs or core as another type of training). However, my philosophy is much different than that. Most importantly, my philosophy has very strong support by scientific research and validation by the 'results' my clients have achieved.

First, I developed a chart to show progression of the overall general physical preparedness progression (what most people will be doing, unless you are a well-trained athlete and you need specific physical preparedness training, i.e. college baseball pitcher, sprinter, basketball player, golfer, etc). I will elaborate on this chart more in future postings. Basically, everyone starts on the left with an assessment (interview and physical assessment), then the emphasis shifts to developing a mobility and stability base, then building maximal strength, and finally work capacity.

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