Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why Exercising Doesn't Get the Job Done

When we want to "get in shape," we start exercising. We join the gym, or start walking, or buy a video, or dust off the old five-pound dumbells. We are finally motivated to achieve our goal (usually lose fat, get healthier, or get a little muscle tone back). We follow the masses and what the media has served-up as exercise. This is usually walking, using the elliptical trainer, performing a few crunches or bicep curls. If we are lucky, we workout fairly regularly. But usually after a few weeks our exercise regularlity falters. Our motivation has dwindled and our results are fairly mediocre. Then, we get out of the habit all together. We may go many months without breaking a sweat. After seeing ourselves get fatter and more out of shape we get motivated again and repeat the whole process.

Why can't we break this cycle? Why do so few many people actually get in great shape and stay in great shape? Why is exercise so hard to do regularly? I have seen this happen to so many people in my professional career as a trainer, in fact, it may even become a scientific law. The law of inevitable fitness failure. Unfortunately, many people and companies take advantage of this "law." Exercise gizmos, informercial products, weight loss products, supplements, and even gyms profit from this "law of inevitable fitness failure."

The solution, and a fundamental principle of Hubbard Training Systems, is not to exercise, but to train! Just like an athlete trains to get better, you must train to improve your body. You must have a have a plan and consistently work at it to improve. It is not good enough to just show up at the gym and go through the motions. That may work in the beginning, but very soon the progress will plateau. For example, I seen many people walk into the gym and do their 'routine.' They perform the same, ineffective exercises with the same weight with no real motivation do improve. No wonder they fail!

Hubbard Training Systems philosophy is to continually enhance y0ur strength, work capacity, and conditioning. Yes, even if your goal is to lose some body fat or 'tone-up.' Why? Why not count all the calories you eat and try to burn more calories without concern for your strength or conditioning? The answer is because you will get a minimal training stimulus, get bored, and lose your intrinsic motivation to train. You will settle back into your comfort zone, which got you out of shape to begin with!

Hubbard Training Systems keeps you motivated, which is one of the most important psychological determinants of success. Motivation and desire drive you to work hard. Also, training goals and progressions keep you on track and bring satisfaction and enjoyment. The motivation you receive from attaining your training goals will bring a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. If you have a goal of performing 50 squats with 65 pounds in 3:00, and you can only do 37 now, you have a realistic, objective, and personal goal to work toward. Your focus is on that training goal, not on just burning calories.

What if my goal is to lose 2o pounds? Then my answer is then what? And, is that 20 pounds of water and muscle or fat? You see, with this type of goal, you are looking to exercise as a short-term solution. You are not making it part of your life and keeping it as a high priority. It will not be enjoyable either. I see many people exercising at the gym with no passion or motivation. You ask them how their workout is going and they reply "just trying to get it done....I am lucky to just get here." These people have no passion or motivation to improve. They will never come close to their 20 pound weight loss goal with this attitude. Or, if they do, they will slowly gain it back and get out of shape again.

Don't let this happen to you. Let Hubbard Training Systems help by teaching you how to train effectively and efficiently and set personal, objective training goals (i.e. 80 burpees in 11:00). Many of my clients understand what I have been ranting about and now are "converted." However, if you know someone who has become a statistic of the "law of inevitable fitness failure," refer them to Hubbard Training Systems so they can finally break the cycle.

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