Friday, June 6, 2008

Thursday Group Training Session

"What a fun way to stay/get in shape for the summer!"

Our first evening group training session went very well. In spite of the temperature reaching 90 degrees most of the day, by 7:30pm it was cooler and we had a little breeze. More importantly, this was Julie and Claudia's first group session. They did great and had fun (this is the only time you would see someone skipping and laughing at the same time....don't see that much in the gym on the elliptical trainer).

Our next group exercise session is Saturday at 7:30am at Cool Creek. We try to meet at the soccer field, or in the small field adjacent to the entrance (on your right when you come in off 151st Street). Feel free to bring a friend, even if they have never been before. We can modify everything to any fitness level. Cost is $15 each.

Hope to see you out there for a fun workout!

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