Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Training

Squats and curls in gym are good exercises, but the tire flip, outside, is more fun, efficient, and also develops your cardiovascular conditioning. Looks like Jen is ready for the tractor tire!


Liz said...

Go Jen

You made it look very easy. Great working out Sat. morning....though way to early. Of course any later and we would be boiling. Thanks Dan.

Dan Hubbard, M.Ed., CSCS. said...


You did great, too! Thanks for attending four out of the last five sessions! I look forward to Wednesday and Saturday this week. I have a new sled...should be lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the workout Dan. I loved it and have been very sore! Unfortunately, I can't make either session this week due to conflicts with the kids, but will be back as soon as my schedule allows. In the meantime, see you at the gym. Jen