Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fat Loss Secret......Consistency and Hardwork

There is no secret. There is no supplement, infomercial gizmo, or fad diet that will help you transform your body like a consistent, progressive training program combined with proper nutrition. It doesn't happen in a week and the scale may not change as fast as you want. But long-term body composition transformation will happen with consistency and hard work. Hubbard Training Systems provides the structure, motivation, knowledge; and we try to make it enjoyable, too.

Michele, who moved twice in the last six months and has two little kids, has done a great job of training consistently and hard. And, she has seen the results! Although, not to her long-term goal yet, she has done great over the last seven months. She has decreased her percent body fat from 32% to 25%, decreased her fat weight by 12 pounds, increased her muscle mass by 4.5 pounds, and increased her resting metabolic rate by ~50 Calories per day.

Most importantly, she has done this the 'right' way. She did not use extreme dieting, she did not lose muscle (like everyone does when they diet), she has not continued on the diet roller coaster. In fact, because she has transformed her body with strength training, her body fat is now equal to the average female college student!

Great job Michele!

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