Sunday, May 11, 2008

Taking Steps Toward Your Goal

Fitness goals are usually flashes of optimism in our busy lives. Ask anyone, and yes, they would want to be in better shape, have more energy, and look better. But, when it comes down to it, fitness takes a back seat to many other, time-consuming activities. Chalk it up as lack of motivation. But I don't. I attribute it to not prioritizing your life and not making small steps each and everyday. When people don't instantly see improvements, they give up. We are so used to quick changes (plastic surgery, internet shopping, overnight shipping, rebate checks, etc.). The numbers don't lie; less than one in five people actually exercise regularly. Of those, less have specific goals with a specific short and long-term plan. And, less have the knowledge, understanding and objective perspective to efficiently and effectively train.

So, the question is, what steps are you taking to reach your goals? More specifically, what are you doing every day to get closer to that goal? You must do something everyday to keep moving that direction. It doesn't mean training for an hour every day. It means doing the little things that allow you to get closer to your goal. For example, turning the tv off and hour earlier to get a good night sleep, buying healthier foods at the grocery store, working on your flexibility for five minutes, parking far away from Target so you have to walk across the entire parking lot (I think I am the only one to do this. In fact my kids question me if I don't), discussing exercise training with family and friends (it helps psychologically, it shows them that it is important and it gets them involved more), working on an exercise technique that is difficult for you (i.e. single-leg deadlift or planks).

With this mind-set, going out of town or having a sick child does not derail your journey to reach your fitness goals. Of course, we are assuming you have some sort of goal. Many people don't and just wander through life wondering why they are gaining weight or feel it is out of their control (I'm just getting old). If you have this attitude, I guarantee you will never succeed. On the other hand, if you take steps every day like my client John (Slar), who has lost 45 pounds (and is stronger than ever) you will succeed!

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