Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Welcome to my new blog! As 2008 rolls in, I look back upon 2007. It was a very successful and fulfilling year. 2007 was my first full year running Hubbard Training Systems full-time. I had close to 2000 training sessions, and more importantly had the opportunity to work with many great clients.

I have started this blog to create a sense of community amongst clients and to motivate, educate and entertain them. Of course I see all of my clients each week, but they rarely see each other. You are not alone. Yes, others struggle with burpees and kettlebell snatches, too!

This blog will serve as a way to acknowledge individual efforts and successes, disseminate information, and keep you motivated when you are not training with me. I look forward to continue challenging you to reach the next level of fitness (yes, that means more 'A' workouts!).

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